Leonard “Lewsh” Shaw (keyboards, vocals, sax)
Has toured with top Canadian artists including Guess Who and Ian Thomas and as a solo artist.


Gerry Atwell (keyboards, vocals)
Won a Juno Award with band Eagle & Hawk and other stuff

Greg Lowe (guitar, vocals),

Guitarist Greg Lowe has been composing and performing in Winnipeg for over thirty years. He has released seven CDs of original jazz compositions and has had several works performed by the Winnipeg Symphony.  Locally he performs with the Ministers of Cool and tours often with the western swing cruner Woody Holler and his Orchestra. Focusing on composition as much as guitar performance, Lowe’s body of work has grown to include large orchestra, chamber ensembles, theatre, television, dance, radio musicals and dramas.

Don Benedictson (bass, vocals),
Producer of artists Ferron, Wyrd Sisters and more.

Daniel Roy (drums, vocals)
Tours internationally as singer songwriter Daniel Roa

Paul McNair (guitar, vocals)
Has toured with Canadian Rock legends Harlequin as well as helming his own touring bands.